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Caring for your family like family.

For over 30 years, Hospice Chautauqua County has provided exceptional care to the residents
of Chautauqua County. In the past year alone, Hospice has taken care of over 625 patients and their families.


As the only Medicare certified Hospice in  Chautauqua County, our sole focus is providing end of life care to our
community. Hospice care in Chautauqua County is delivered where people live, whether it is their own home, a nursing home, an assisted living facility or any other type of residence.

Hospice provides specialized care for terminally ill people and their families. All Hospice services are designed to
help people achieve the highest possible quality of life. These services include; medical care, emotional support,
spiritual resources, music therapy, art therapy, massage and many more. All services are provided by highly
trained staff who is experienced in end of life care.


Hospice Chautauqua County relies on community support to help maintain and expand the high level of end of life
care available. We appreciate your support of our mission.

Our staff welcomes the opportunity to discuss your unique situation and to help you decide if Hospice
is right for you or your loved one.


Call any one of the numbers listed to speak directly to a Hospice staff member.

Join us in our efforts to continue to provide
education and comfort care to patients and their families during the end stages of life.