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The program is designed to deal with symptom  management and the difficult conversations/choices a person must make when living with a disease on a long term basis. The Palliative Care team includes a Hospice and Palliative Care Board Certified Physician, Registered Nurses, Social Workers, and Chaplains. We have served 65 people

as of the writing of this article on July 5. Individuals with a serious illness or health problem may benefit from

palliative care. Palliative care is the total care of individuals with serious, often chronic illness.


The goals of Palliative Care are numerous and can include: expert symptom management, attention to emotional/spiritual/psychosocial needs, guidance in making complex treatment choices, support of family/friends, access to resources in community, etc. Eligibility requirements for the services include a life limiting illness and symptoms to manage. A life limiting illness is an illness that may prevent one from living as long as normal if one did not have the disease. Examples could include COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and CHD (congestive heart disease).


People of any age can be appropriate for Palliative Care services. We have a specialty team that can address the specific palliative care needs of children. A person’s primary physician must approve a Palliative Care consult from our physician. Our physician will discuss findings and recommendations with the primary physician so they can work as a team on behalf of the individual.


A consult may be a visit from only the physician or a joint visit with several disciplines. Visits may last one to two hours depending on the complexity of the needs and take place where the person resides. The focus is primarily on symptom management, discerning the best path of care for the individual, and the

resources available that can improve the quality of life for everyone involved.


Hospice Chautauqua County
has a separate and distinct Palliative Care



A consult is easy to request by calling the Hospice and Palliative Care office at 716-338-0033 and telling the
intake department you want to make a Palliative Care
referral. The initial consult, once approved, is generally completed within five days.